Nice Camera

Is it the camera or the photographer that makes a great picture? Is it the artist… or the tools? This week on All That Matters, we compare old and new Doctors Who with Steven Schapansky, co-host of the podcast Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro. Two scenes about the same time-travelling alien with a big blue box, shot almost fifty years apart. How did the look change over the decades, and why?

And we ask Canmore-based photographer Graham Twomey how much credit he gives the fancy gear he uses to take the perfect shot.

This episode first aired on August 17, 2016.


Where Can Canadians Watch CanCon?

This week: Where can Canadians watch CanCon? Video rental stores have almost disappeared, and more of us are watching TV online, where nobody’s required to stock up on Canadian content. We ask Kevin Martin, owner of the last standing DVD rental shop in Edmonton – the Lobby – what’s kept his business standing. Then we ask the National Film Board’s Director of Digital Marketing Matthieu Stréliski what’s on their streaming site, And we ask Mosaic Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Jesse Lipscombe how his production company has tried to get the locally produced comedy Delmer & Marta out to Canadian viewers.

This episode first aired on March 23, 2016.