This week: Avatars.¬†We were really curious how composite sketches are made, so we went straight to the source: the Edmonton Police Service’s Sgt Alanna Harrison joins us to tell us about the emotional and labour-intensive process of building a sketch of a suspect. And digital artist Braxton Penner joins us to talk about how digital avatars are made for video games.

You can watch Braxton Penner’s 3D modeling and texturing demo reel online here:

3D Modeling and Texturing Demo Reel Braxton Penner 2016 from Braxton Penner on Vimeo.

Demo Reel for Braxton Penner (2016)

Song Credit – San Holo Remix – Dr.Dre, The Nest Episode.

This episode first aired on April 27, 2016.


What is Art Worth?

This week: what is art worth? We headed to Edmonton’s Found Festival to ask you to compare some famous and not-so-famous artwork we dragged along. And we speak to former street artist Jamie Law about a 2012 police raid of his art show – a raid that still asks questions about how we decide what’s art, and what’s a crime.

Check out the artwork we asked folks at Found Festival to compare and let us know which one you think is the most valuable (and no, the Van Gogh is sadly not the original):

This episode first aired on July 1, 2015.