Putting a Price on Art

How do you put a price on what you’ve made? On this week’s show, we talk to two artists from the Carrot Cafe about all the things that go into pricing their art. Then we get the skinny from freelance journalist Taylor Lambert, who launched a kickstarter for an indie media outlet called The Calgarian, about the unintended consequences of putting out a public request for funding. And we’ll hear from Heart of the City Music and Arts Festival 2016‘s Mike Siek about all the hidden costs that go into running a festival.

This episode first aired on June 1, 2016.


Where Can Canadians Watch CanCon?

This week: Where can Canadians watch CanCon? Video rental stores have almost disappeared, and more of us are watching TV online, where nobody’s required to stock up on Canadian content. We ask Kevin Martin, owner of the last standing DVD rental shop in Edmonton – the Lobby – what’s kept his business standing. Then we ask the National Film Board’s Director of Digital Marketing Matthieu Stréliski what’s on their streaming site, And we ask Mosaic Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Jesse Lipscombe how his production company has tried to get the locally produced comedy Delmer & Marta out to Canadian viewers.

This episode first aired on March 23, 2016.


Behind the Scenes

This week: how does stuff come to look the way it does? Our reporter Jonathan Dyck shares the agony and ecstasy every graphic designer goes through before they march out into the working world. We head down to Churchill Square to ask how residents feel the design works for them. And young federal NDP hopeful Reakash Walters talks about the careful crafting behind a politician’s public image.

This episode first aired on April 15, 2015.