Why Bother?

The final episode of All That Matters. We thought it’d be fitting to go out with one of the big questions behind everything we’ve done on the show: Why bother? Why bother making something, rather than nothing?

We’ve got three stories for you. Elevator pitch master Julie Ferguson returns, as we follow them through the daily hustle of bussing between rehearsals and trying to make ends meet. We talk to Daniel Secker, a drummer who always wanted to make it big. And we talk to filmmaker Geraldine Carr, who wants to go bigger.

This show is coming to a close because most of the producers who’ve worked on it over the years have moved away, or moved on to other projects. We’re sad to wrap things up, but really excited to keep making great stories for you through CJSR. You can find alumni from our show on Fuses With the Muses, Topograph, Word, Adamant Eve, and soon on Generator.

We’ve really enjoyed making this show for you over the years. Thank you for listening to our little corner of the radio.

This episode first aired on September 14, 2016.


It’s Up To You

Have you seen Sandra Oh’s first feature film, 1994’s Double Happiness? If not, you’re not alone. Asian-Canadians are criminally under-represented on screen. This week we’re asking, whose responsibility is it to make sure stories like this get told? Is it up to big studios and funders? Is it up to the people who aren’t being represented enough in pop culture?

We’ll speak to Alexis Kienlen, curator of the Asian Canadian Film Series showing Double Happiness and a bevy of other films at Metro Cinema this month. And we’ll hear from Stuart McDougall, one of the folks behind Fort Edmonton Park’s new queer history initiative.

This episode first aired on May 18, 2016.


Where Can Canadians Watch CanCon?

This week: Where can Canadians watch CanCon? Video rental stores have almost disappeared, and more of us are watching TV online, where nobody’s required to stock up on Canadian content. We ask Kevin Martin, owner of the last standing DVD rental shop in Edmonton – the Lobby – what’s kept his business standing. Then we ask the National Film Board’s Director of Digital Marketing Matthieu Stréliski what’s on their streaming site, And we ask Mosaic Entertainment Chief Marketing Officer Jesse Lipscombe how his production company has tried to get the locally produced comedy Delmer & Marta out to Canadian viewers.

This episode first aired on March 23, 2016.


What Would You Say You Do Here?

This week: What would you say… you do here? Inquiring minds want to know. So this week, we’ve devoted an entire episode to answering your questions about some of those arts jobs you’ve always wondered about. What does a projectionist do now, anyway? What’s a dolly grip? What’s a best boy? What the heck does a music producer do?

We speak to Hip-Hop Practitioner/Music Producer KazMega, Dolly Grip Clint Silzer, Best Boy Dean Davey, Projectionist Brad Syme, and Props Master Toni Quinn.

This episode first aired on December 2, 2015.


How art can change a neighbourhood

Herb Varley stands beside a photograph of community members in a tableau recreation of a protest

Vancouver artist Herb Varley shows off images from the Right to Remain project in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. [Photo: Kathryn Lennon]

This week: how can art change a neighbourhood? We’ve got stories about community members’ hopes for how art could make Edmonton’s Alberta Avenue a safer, more welcoming place to live. And a story about a group of artists and researchers determined not to let history repeat itself on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside: Herb Varley, Greg Masuda, and Jeff Masuda speak about the Right to Remain project.

This episode first aired on March 11, 2015.


Confessions of a Mask

This week: When does it help and when does it hurt to take on a character? We talk to Grace Chapman, an Edmontonian who took on acting to cope with her severe social anxiety, as well as Niresha Velmurugiah, an Edmonton film buff, on how actors get the heat for taking on certain characters.

This episode first aired on January 7, 2015.