Thanks, listeners!

Another award, and another big thank you! All That Matters picked up CJSR’s Best News Show award this week at the station’s annual volunteer awards party. Thank you to all of you in Listener Land who voted for our program. It means so much to know you’re enjoying the stories we make for you!


Award Winners!

ncra award for all that mattersHi everybody,

So we’re a bit late posting this to our own website, but we just won a national award for one of our favourite episodes! Some of the CJSR crew were recently at the 35th NCRC (National Campus and Community Radio Conference), hosted brilliantly by our friends at CHUO 89.1 FM in Ottawa.

All That Matters came home with a “Special Programming” award for our two-part Boot Camp Poets documentary, produced by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, Joe Hartfeil and Sara Khembo Alfazema. We’re re-airing both parts of that documentary this month to celebrate, and give you a chance to listen in case you missed it the first time.

Also a big shout-out to fellow CJSR producers Karly Coleman and Peter Chapman, who won an award for “Sports Talk Show Programming” for their Bike Bits segment on CJSR’s Thursday morning show Full English Breakfast.

Thanks to the NCRA, CHUO 89.1 FM, our hard-working volunteers, and all of you at home for listening and supporting community radio.