Dead or Alive

The Telus World of Science was originally designed by Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal. But its expansions weren’t. How should we treat iconic buildings as the years go on? Especially when the creator is still alive and kicking? We’ve got the story of the many, many times Douglas Cardinal’s buildings have been changed over the years, and how he feels about it.

In this episode, we spoke to Douglas Cardinal, Edmonton-based architect and Cafe Mosaics co-owner Khuyen Des, and Telus World of Science President & CEO Alan Nursall.

This episode first aired on July 27, 2016.


Behind the Scenes

This week: how does stuff come to look the way it does? Our reporter Jonathan Dyck shares the agony and ecstasy every graphic designer goes through before they march out into the working world. We head down to Churchill Square to ask how residents feel the design works for them. And young federal NDP hopeful Reakash Walters talks about the careful crafting behind a politician’s public image.

This episode first aired on April 15, 2015.



This week: what can we learn from imagining the futures that might have been, but never came to pass? We speak to Art Gallery of Alberta curator Kristy Trinier and artist Alma Visccher about the shadow of Edmonton’s Future Station downtown. Then Labtop’s Colin Prothero dishes on the seductive deceptions of architectural renderings, and Dr. Russell Cobb tells us about the Omniplex that almost was.

This episode was originally broadcast on April 8, 2015.