Dead or Alive

The Telus World of Science was originally designed by Canadian architect Douglas Cardinal. But its expansions weren’t. How should we treat iconic buildings as the years go on? Especially when the creator is still alive and kicking? We’ve got the story of the many, many times Douglas Cardinal’s buildings have been changed over the years, and how he feels about it.

In this episode, we spoke to Douglas Cardinal, Edmonton-based architect and Cafe Mosaics co-owner Khuyen Des, and Telus World of Science President & CEO Alan Nursall.

This episode first aired on July 27, 2016.


Alberta Election 2015

This week: what would Alberta look like if we had a government that was totally oriented around making the arts thrive? With the May 5 provincial election looming, we ask Edmonton artists Theodore Fox, Ahmed Knowmadic Ali, and Gerry Morita for their take. And we come up with a snazzy ad for our fake political party.

This episode first aired on April 22, 2015.

We want to hear from you! This episode, we invented the Artisan Partisan Party. Its triumphant slogan: Creating a Culturally Rich Alberta.

What do you think its logo should be? Send us your design and we’ll share it online next week. Email your Artisan Partisan Party logo to by April 29, 2015.

And don’t forget to vote this May 5.