Why Bother?

The final episode of All That Matters. We thought it’d be fitting to go out with one of the big questions behind everything we’ve done on the show: Why bother? Why bother making something, rather than nothing?

We’ve got three stories for you. Elevator pitch master Julie Ferguson returns, as we follow them through the daily hustle of bussing between rehearsals and trying to make ends meet. We talk to Daniel Secker, a drummer who always wanted to make it big. And we talk to filmmaker Geraldine Carr, who wants to go bigger.

This show is coming to a close because most of the producers who’ve worked on it over the years have moved away, or moved on to other projects. We’re sad to wrap things up, but really excited to keep making great stories for you through CJSR. You can find alumni from our show on Fuses With the Muses, Topograph, Word, Adamant Eve, and soon on Generator.

We’ve really enjoyed making this show for you over the years. Thank you for listening to our little corner of the radio.

This episode first aired on September 14, 2016.

Thanks, listeners!

Another award, and another big thank you! All That Matters picked up CJSR’s Best News Show award this week at the station’s annual volunteer awards party. Thank you to all of you in Listener Land who voted for our program. It means so much to know you’re enjoying the stories we make for you!


Award Winners!

ncra award for all that mattersHi everybody,

So we’re a bit late posting this to our own website, but we just won a national award for one of our favourite episodes! Some of the CJSR crew were recently at the 35th NCRC (National Campus and Community Radio Conference), hosted brilliantly by our friends at CHUO 89.1 FM in Ottawa.

All That Matters came home with a “Special Programming” award for our two-part Boot Camp Poets documentary, produced by Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, Joe Hartfeil and Sara Khembo Alfazema. We’re re-airing both parts of that documentary this month to celebrate, and give you a chance to listen in case you missed it the first time.

Also a big shout-out to fellow CJSR producers Karly Coleman and Peter Chapman, who won an award for “Sports Talk Show Programming” for their Bike Bits segment on CJSR’s Thursday morning show Full English Breakfast.

Thanks to the NCRA, CHUO 89.1 FM, our hard-working volunteers, and all of you at home for listening and supporting community radio.

Live for FunDrive 2015 – September 23 & 30


Hey there ATM listeners – we wanted to let you know about our extra large shows on September 23 and 30 for CJSR’s FunDrive.

We love making this show for you, and we need your support to keep doing it. FunDrive is your chance to dial or click to donate and keep CJSR in the business of making great community radio.

Listen in for our hour-long show each week: On September 23, we’ll be asking what art can tell us about the past. Author, rapper and broadcaster Wab Kinew will be speaking about his new memoir The Reason You Walk. And University of Saskatchewan Professor Yin Liu will join us to talk about the surprising origins of the blank spaces between our words.

Then on September 30: The Future! We’ll tiptoe out at night for Nuit Blanche, try to figure out why we love spoilers so much, and chat with U of A Students Union President Navneet Khinda about the future of the arts on campus.

Donors get sweet CJSR swag like a hoodie with this year’s spooky design by Edmonton artist Jill Stanton and a badass Tyvek wallet. And you’ll be entered to win special prizes like a gift pack from Variant Edition comics in Edmonton, and special access to tickets for the Secret Streetcar Shows.

Listen in September 23 and 30 at 5 PM on CJSR 88.5 FM in Edmonton. And dial 780-492-2577 or click to donate. And thanks.

So about that one thing that matters.

Hey there.

Welcome to our experiment, for your auditory pleasure. All That Matters is a new arts and culture show from CJSR 88.5 FM in Edmonton, Alberta. We launched in January 2015.

Why All That Matters? Well, it all came from a eulogy that Cate Blanchett gave that talked about all the things we work and fight and sweat for: jobs with dignity, good health care, social services, education, art. There are a lot of things worth fighting for. But most of them are just a means to an end – creating the right conditions for a good life. There’s really only one thing we do that’s an end in itself: supporting our intellectual and artistic development. So in a sense, art truly is all that matters.

That’s a big statement to make. So each week, we’re going to tell stories that prove it. Stories that ask hard questions about why art matters in all of our lives. How can writing a play help us get through grief and loss? How can a film or a cafe with a poetry night change the neighbourhood around it? Who is art for, anyway?

Along the way, we’ll try to have fun and give you a peek at things you’ve never seen before.

Stay with us, and let us know what you think. Send us an email:

Yours with headphones and appreciation,

Chris Chang-Yen Phillips, from the All That Matters team